Pressing šped d.o.o. is one of the leading transportation companies in the region, founded in 1995 with a registered office in Begaljica, Belgrade.


Our company focuses on transporting goods between all destinations, though primarily between Serbia and Russian Federation, where we truly are regional leaders.


The company holds 8 CEMT permits, TIR carnets of 300,000 dollars in value and a large number of permits for all European Union countries as well as for Russian Federation.


Our rolling stock is comprised of 41 semi-trailer trucks and 45 refrigerated semi-trailers, boasting a capacity of 33 euro pallets. We hold CMR insurance policy of the Dunav Insurance Company for all semi-trailers, as well as comprehensive policy of the same company for all our vehicles. Since we perform all our services in accordance with European regulations, we also hold ISO 9001 and HACCP certificates. All trucks and trailers in our rolling stock have an average age of 3-4 years, they are regularly and properly maintained in specialised, authorised servicing centres, which guarantees high-quality transportation conducted on time, while meeting set deadlines.


Owing to a large number of foreign clients, we have come to know that we need to pay special attention and offer personalised service to all our customers. This in other words means that we are open to negotiation in order to provide our clients with the best possible service, anytime, anywhere. Our clear determination to continue providing first-class service is at the same time a recommendation for cooperation.